Shelter Dog Saves Best Friend Hours Before Euthanasia After Hug Goes Viral

 Since irresponsible owners abandon their dogs with little guilt, there is no end to the number of canines roaming the streets.

Each rescue facility has a finite amount of capacity and resources for holding animals in their temporary home, so they can only do so much to clean up this shambles. Some pet owners will have no choice but to subject their animals to a horrific fate—euthanasia—if the shelter is unable to find adopters for their animals.

Whether or not to permit euthanasia in shelters has become a contentious issue that affects all of humanity. In order to make room for more rescues, some animal shelters resort to euthanizing, which is the euphemism for putting a live thing to a quick and merciful death.

Euthanasia should only be used for really vulnerable animals, according to many animal advocates, in order to prevent the spread of disease to other animals at the shelter. Although some shelters continued to use this traditional approach to maintain their shelter operational, many have already converted to this idea. Just a few hours separated these two dogs from being put to death.

There is a timer for every dog in a kiII-shelter, and sadly, for these two dogs, their time was just a few hours away from being put to sleep. Kala and Keira are their names. Since they were transferred to Georgia's non-profit Etowah Valley Humane Society (EVHS) animal shelter in 2015, the two canines had been living together. They were roommates and have shared practically everything throughout their entire lives.

Regrettably, because the shelter permits euthanasia, their time had come, and it was just a matter of finding possible rescuers who could take them before the clock ran out. Several compassionate individuals assisted in spreading a message encouraging people to come and save them.

These gorgeous dogs were spotted by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteers, who then learned the horrible news about them. They offered their assistance in locating the dogs a temporary caregiver or, ideally, an adopter because they were unable to accept the dogs themselves due to a lack of foster homes.

The ideal picture of Kala cuddling Kierra was captured by the rescuers so they could post their tale on social media. They described the events in a most dramatic way, with Kala pleading for her and her best friend.

The shocked and heartbroken readers started to help spread the word about the two in an effort to find someone who might be able to save them. When the post went viral, a man saw it and hurried to the shelter to collect them.

The pups gave him grateful kisses and the man put his arms around them with joy. In the correct care, Kala and Kierra are now living happily with their new owners.

They had not yet found a permanent home because the man's promise to temporarily foster them was inadequate. But, the puppies finally met their new mothers, Pam Cody and Wendy Newman, three months after the photo was uploaded.

The fact that Kala and Kierra shared a room with them and were best friends as well made them the ideal housemates for them. It is wonderful how their picture improved their lot and helped them locate the ideal permanent home.


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