Shelter’s Longest Resident Refuses To Leave Her Collection Of ‘Stuffies’ Behind.

 Every day, cats and dogs are taken in by animal shelters all around the United States.

Many are abandoned by pet owners who are unable to take care of the animals. Most of the time, these previous owners have excellent intentions and think that their pets will be adopted soon.

Many people, however, are unaware that some of these animals are put to death. Despite the fact that there are no-kill shelters, some euthanize animals within a few days, some as soon as four days after they are taken in. It's crucial that animals from shelters are adopted and placed in new homes as quickly as possible for a variety of reasons.

Waffle Sizzli, a stray pit bull, is one of the fortunate dogs at the shelter, fortunately. Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) scooped her up and provided her with refuge in November 2022. She continued to wait to be adopted at the shelter in January 2023. She has now lived at the shelter the longest.

Waffle found something else she adored at the shelter, plush toys, often known as stuffies, in addition to receiving love and cuddles from the RACC personnel. When Waffle was taken into RACC director Christie Peters' office for the first time, she found stuffed animals. She discovered some stuffed animals waiting for her here. She adored them. She crossed the hallway to the other office and removed the supplies there. Peters told The Dodo, "She brought them back to my room so she could have more.

Waffle always carried her beloved stuffed animals everywhere with her. When Waffle sat in her bed, the toys were all around her. She always carried one or more toys with her when she left her bed. She even brought her toys back inside after using the restroom after taking them outside.

A red bone was her preferred stuffed animal. The frog was the runner-up, although his dangling legs occasionally caused her to trip. She carried that one around a lot; it was third in the lineup, according to Peters. While Waffle didn't engage in much socializing with the other dogs at the shelter, she proudly displayed her toys whenever she passed by other kennels. She proudly displayed her toys but had little interest in engaging in a game of tug-of-war with her priceless stuffed animals.

Although she was willing to deliver them to us, she didn't want us to take them. She merely desired for us to admire her with her stuffed animals, which we did. We were merely the participants in what was actually the Waffle Sizzli show every day, according to Peters. After three months at the shelter, Waffle Sizzli was finally adopted. As her new owner watched a video of her playing with her stuffed animals, she instantly won him over.

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