Scared Little Puppy Hide From People & Received My Giant Love


The National Rescue Center for Animals Caring Media is based in Mexico and has a large number of modest outposts in underdeveloped countries. Animals are not valued in this community because the populace is still poor. As a result, animals are frequently neglected, live in landfills, and are not given the respect they need. Their aim is to treat several damaged animals while also adopting out abandoned animals.

They received a video showing a small dog living close to a landfill from a subscriber of Animals Caring Media. Despite his lack of confidence in people, the poor puppy was searching for food nearby.

The good man called the Animals Care Media after trying unsuccessfully to capture the animal. He was not discovered despite a rescuer's search of all the landfills. After some hunting, he eventually discovered him lying beneath some logs.

After doing some tests and giving him nourishment, the rescuer took him home. It weighs 1.8 kilograms and is a male puppy that is about 2-3 months old. He is healthy, hilarious, and enthusiastic.

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