Puppy With A Deformed Face Is Rescued By A Family That Loves Him Just The Way He Is


The dog, Arrow, had a horrible and horrific start to life, even though he is now as pleased as his videos and pictures show. He would have been deemed doomed by anyone who had seen him as a puppy and in his terrible state.

Yet he never imagined that fate would assign him true angels as parents—parents who would cherish him despite his shocking disfigurements.

When he first came to the doors of the animal rescue organization PMM Rescue Inc., baby Arrow was in a dreadful state. He had suffered a severe bite from another dog, which is how they discovered his jaw had been horribly broken. Regrettably, there was no chance of saving his lower right jaw.

It was so infected and necrotic that it smelled like a body that was decomposing. So, the only option was to take out the dead bone. The vets' sole alternative was to entirely remove the lower right side of the jaw and a portion of the upper right side.

Dr. Sidhu of Bakersfield, California, is the hero who spent hours executing the complicated and time-consuming surgery on Arrow. Arrow's life was in danger, and he didn't want to leave until he had tenderly cared for the young dog.

His young face was permanently disfigured by the assault, but his disposition, which has always been positive and upbeat since he was a toddler, has not been altered.

His horrific beginnings are described in a fantastic video that made his story famous, but it's more essential to note the tremendous warrior and creature of light he has become as a result of the ongoing outpouring of love.

In addition to making the biggest messes, Arrow enjoys eating, playing baseball, learning new skills, and drinking water. Although he would rather cuddle, offer slobbery kisses, nap, sleep a little longer in the morning, and go on walks in the evening with his parents.

Despite any physical flaws or potential limitations, his family welcomes him just as he is. Arrow hasn't lost his puppy spirit at age two, despite that. Given that he is aware of being the most adored member of the family, he has always been positive and upbeat throughout the day. Since he "does what he wants," he enjoys it.

Even though his family is accustomed to cleaning up after him whenever he makes a mess and picks up the numerous kibbles that flow from his crooked mouth when he eats, his owner wouldn't trade him for anything.

The story of this strange dog demonstrates indisputably that a person's or a puppy's intrinsic worth has nothing to do with their appearance. There isn't a more truthful statement than the Little Prince's, "What is essential is invisible to the eye,"


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