Puppy Savagely Attacked In Dog Fight Receives First-Ever 3D-Printed Mask To Help Save Her Life


A 3D printed mask was made by biomedical engineering students and veterinary surgeons at UC Davis to serve as a cast for a dog's fractured skull.

A unique 3D-printed mask was recently given to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy that was four months old. The small dog suffered from a dislocated mandibular joint, broken cheekbone, and fractured jawbone. In addition, she suffered many puncture wounds on her face and neck. The poor puppy needed a challenging operation.

After her surgery, Loca put on her new face mask, an Exo-K9 Exoskeleton that varsity biomedical engineering students had created especially for her. The mask helped keep her jawbone in place.

Loca performed admirably during her three-day hospital stay, according to a post on the UC Davis School's Facebook page. "She soon started eating soft food and continued to feel comfortable taking her painkillers. A padded neck bandage was also put on Loca in addition to the Exo-K9 to help stabilize her neck fracture and reduce her range of motion while she healed.

As long as Loca had to wear the mask, she was not permitted to engage in any of her usual activities. For instance, she was unable to gnaw on bones or toys. Also, she had trouble eating and drinking. She received pap feedings until her wounds were fully healed.

We wish Loca the best of luck and hope that she will soon be able to resume her normal life!

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