Panicked dog comes at night to his mother and begs her to follow him


A Portland, Connecticut, orphanage is where the Brusso family obtained their dog, Duke. Duke eventually grows to be the perfect family friend despite not being happy with his existence at the orphanage.

In the most kind way imaginable, six years later, Duke thanks Brusso!

Harper, the family's new infant, was only a few days old when Duke's protectiveness of his sister quickly grew.

Suddenly entering his parents' room one night while the rest of the household was sound asleep, Duke jumped into their bed.

He was shaking hysterically and defiantly ignored all directions. When something finally went wrong, his mother realized it.

A nine-week-old newborn's room was visited by Duke's parents, who were informed about a child who was not breathing at all.

Doctor rescued Harper's life at the last minute as the family rushed the child to the ER!

Duke finally settled down once he made sure his sister was well and breathing normally.

If Duke hadn't remembered them in time, the family shook at the thought of what may have happened. Their adopted child who saved them is completely unaware that he is a hero, but they are forever grateful to him!

We hope Duke's story inspires a growing number of people to give these brave and devoted rescue canines a chance.


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