He was bitten by his mother, but today he is happiest. Discover the history of the ugliest dog in the world


Each animal has distinct features that set it apart from the others and give it the ability to exist as an individual being. All animals are attractive in their own right.

Due to a significant scar his mother gave him at birth, Newt, a puppy, is known for having a "grumpy old man" expression on his face. When he was a cub, she bit him in the face, causing him to lose the entire top of his nose.

Due to the high cost of his medical care, his first owners had to move him to the New York Bully Crew shelter in Texas, USA. Yet, while one door closes, another one always opens. Because Liesl Wildhart adopted him, that is how Newt acquired a new family.

Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, a place where rescued canines can find new homes, was founded by Liesl. The woman's dog was originally named Brute, but she changed its name to Newt and carried it with her to her house in Eugene, Oregon (USA) (USA).

Liesl first encountered Newt on social media, and she immediately decided to adopt him. He was featured in pictures and videos that were posted to her Instagram account. I initially saw it there, and I thought it was quite cool. According to the businessman, I intended to adopt Newt as a pet dog.

Picasso and Wacku, two of the dog brothers that Newt has, used to live with Liesl. Furthermore, he has an Instagram account where you may see pictures of his adventures.

It took him a while to get used to the changes, but now that he does, he has a full and content life with his owner and the other puppies. After having surgery on his face, he now has the appearance of an amphibian and is known online as "the cranky old guy," yet many people find him endearing.

His owner is always there for him, so even if he needs assistance with some things, like feeding, it doesn't bother him. "I have to hand feed everything he eats because he has a hard time getting food into his mouth, and you also can't let him eat too much at one time or he'll spew it up," Liesl told Metro.

Face deformities affect Newt and his siblings equally. Picasso's face has been distorted, while Wacku lost his snout. Everyone in my dog family loved Newt right away, and he was a great fit for my family of dogs. He's a typical puppy's amount of energy and goofiness, but he's also smart and courteous of the other dogs, according to Liesl, who spoke to the same outlet.

Because they are given a home and "don't feel sorry for themselves or think about what they've lost," according to Newt's owner, who likes pups like her own, they live life to the fullest.


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