Exhausted Dogs fought For Their Lives For hours. Look who Came To Her Rescue!


Louisiana in the United States experienced the largest flood in recorded history. Thirty thousand people had to be evacuated and thirteen individuals died as a result of the flooding in 40,000 homes.

But even in the midst of all this chaos and destruction, there were brave volunteers who assisted in rescuing both people and animals who had become stranded due to the violent weather.

Darrell Watson and Mike Anderson, two volunteers, have already saved 100 lives—both human and animal—through rescue efforts. Two pit bulls that were unable to escape the water were discovered.

At least 16 hours were spent by the dogs after they became caught in a water trap. There are other people helping with the rescue efforts in addition to Mike and Darrell.

Josh Petit posted this picture on Facebook on August 15 and added the following caption:

The flood that hit Baton Rouge this morning caused the water to rise 2.5 meters in just two hours. Just awful. In the bushes, I noticed a disturbance literally out of the corner of my eye. Nothing else seems to exist from a distance.

The dog's nose and eyes were all but submerged! I had never witnessed such a terrible look in an animal, already exhausted. The canine was genuinely afraid for his life. She came up, put her head on my knees, and cried and whimpered like a baby after we had saved her. She expressed her gratitude to me.

The post went popular on Facebook right away, and Sadie's owners were quickly identified.

Sadie was taken to her owner by me. In actuality, she reportedly ran away out of fear as he was packing everything and leaving when he evacuated. She is so happy to be back home that she is currently in seventh heaven!


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