Dog That Spent Her Entire Life Chained Up In Abandoned Farm, Can Finally Be A Puppy


A passing car noticed Violet the dog and many other dogs chained up with incredibly heavy metal chains that were not only preventing the canines from moving freely, but also hurting them.

When Violet was recovered, she was roughly two years old, and Angela Stell, the organization's founder and director, thinks she had been chained all of her life.

In New Mexico, it is against the law to chain up dogs when they are not under human care. Violet and the other five dogs were found on a property there.

The county sheriff's office was sent to the property in an effort to track down the owners, but it appeared that the dogs had been left there unattended. The struggle to recuperation started once NMDOG took all of them, including Violet.

Stell continued, "She was surprised, and she's still a little nervous. According to them, Violet's actions may have led to mistreatment.

Thankfully, the puppy is currently in good condition and is healing from her mental trauma; once she is fully recovered, she will be available for adoption!


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