Deaf dog that was stung by thousands of bees was lucky to be saved

Even worse, his family left him at a shelter after the incident, as if being stung by hundreds of bees wasn't horrible enough.

Rescuers gave the deaf Pit Bull, who they later named Stinger, a life-threatening case of blisters when they brought him to the shelter.

They intended to euthanize the dog since they couldn't treat a canine in such horrible shape.

At that point, LuvnPupz rescue in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, run by Carri Shipaila, stepped in to offer assistance. When she learned about Stinger, she jumped in her car and traveled about a mile to pick him up from the shelter.

She immediately started to strive to save Stinger's life because, regrettably, his family refused to take him. He had stings, a later skin infection, and sarcoptic mange, all of which were treated.

Sadly, he ended up developing the autoimmune disease Pemphigus, which he will have to live with.

He will never be available for adoption due to the high costs of his care, but he did found a loving forever home with a foster family and will continue to get care and therapy through LuvnPupz.

From being abandoned at the shelter in the beginning, Stinger has gone a long way. He's got a magnificent white coat, and his excruciating blisters have finally healed.

He's such a happy, loving dog, and he's enjoying his new life in a family full of love!

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