9 Weeks Pregnant Mama Dog Abandoned In Front Of Our Shelter Gave Birth To 14 Little Cute Puppies!

Mam Nata, who is around 8 weeks pregnant and on the verge of giving birth, was left in front of IAPA on Christmas Eve, December 22.

She was very weak, unable to stand, and afraid when she was discovered by Instituto Amour em Patas (IAPA). It took some time for them to calm her down. She was scared of the coming puppies, so her owner abandoned her.

Protecting mother, she was quite cautious at first and expended all of her efforts to keep the shelter volunteers at a distance. However, after some time, she let down her guard and started interacting with them.

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"Have a look at her belly; there may be 13 or 14 babies there. Due to her extreme weakness, we try to schedule her test for tomorrow. Indicated a volunteer.

Us and Natajuli will have a very long night tonight. Make sure everything is in line by getting ready for her ultrasound.

The first baby, a highly intelligent young boy, is born when Natajuli is permitted to return to the shelter with the assistance needed for the kids' delivery.

"Can you count the number of pups there are? 14 lovely kids were born to Natajuli, making the number 14.

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For a quick check-up, an ultrasound, and blood tests, Natajuli and her 14 puppies were sent to the veterinarian; she had a red face. Each of her 14 puppies weighs a lot and is very chubby.

Her babies are so adorable that I just want to kiss them, and I nearly broke down when I saw her smiling.

"I neglected to give them names; there are 14 of the tiniest, prettiest; it should be challenging. Everyone enjoys naming things and giving them names, so please comment with the name you adore!


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