Trainer Saves Puppy Two Hrs Before Being Put Down, The Dog Saves Her Son 7 Yrs Later

 Because she was "unadoptable," Ruby the puppy was slated for euthanasia. Inadvertently, she ended up assisting the woman who struggled to keep her alive seven years after she started working as a K9 cop.

As puppies, intelligent dogs frequently display agitation and difficult behavior. Ruby, a young Australian Shepherd, found herself in this scenario. Her unadoptability was declared by the shelter, and she was ready to be put to death. Just two hours before to Ruby being put to death, dog trainer Patricia Inman stepped in and pleaded for her life.

The K9 squad would benefit from having a gifted dog like Ruby, in Patricia's opinion. Because of her efforts, Ruby was granted admission to a K9 training program. Throughout the training, her handler, Daniel O'Neil, encountered numerous challenges. Ruby, however, settled down in a secure family and developed into a formidable opponent!

Over the course of seven years, Ruby and Daniel located numerous missing persons and rescued countless others. A small child had been reported missing for 24 hours when they received a call one day. There were serious problems for the family. The kid who had been missing was eventually found by Ruby in the bushes, unconscious. The adolescent developed concussion symptoms and was saved by being sent to the hospital quickly.

Officer When the boy's mother later came to thank him, Daniel was astonished to find out who she was. The trainer who had saved Ruby when he was a puppy, Patricia, was the boy's mother. The K9 who had saved her son's life, according to Daniel, was Ruby. As Patricia tried to understand this fortunate coincidence, she was in tears. Seven years ago, this small act of kindness saved her son's life! An amazing feat!

Take a look at Ruby's journey and her heartbreaking reunion with Patricia in the video below!


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