The girls guarantee that the dog will not spend the rest of his life in the shelter

 However, adopters frequently overlook senior shelter dogs despite the fact that they still require affection. For the latter years of their existence, every dog deserves a devoted home.

One senior dog is currently living out her days in style thanks to two friends who have taken her in as a foster and are committed to giving the dog the best possible final few weeks.

Annie, a 19-year-old shelter dog, was in need of a home, according to 9News, which quoted Dallas, Texas resident Lauren Siler. According to her writing, the dog's previous owners "dumped the dog at the shelter."

According to veterinarians, Annie wouldn't have had much time left to live. "The vet had said she'll be lucky if it's a month," Lauren told 9News. Annie would likely have had to spend the remainder of her life in a shelter.

 the Lauren remembered seeing the dog's adorable face resting in its tiny kennel.

The two roommates posted updates about Annie's adventures on social media and made a commitment to make the dog's time left on earth as memorable as they could by creating a "bucket list" of exciting things Annie could undertake.

The fosters posted a caption on Instagram that read, "Annie is about to enjoy the finest month of her 19 years." She will have the opportunity to experience love, receive royal treatment, and have a lot of cuddles, ice cream, and hamburgers. She won't be left alone at a shelter when her time comes and she lets us know she's finished.

Annie was only given a few weeks to live, yet months later, she's still going strong and having a blast.

With the help of her two foster children and the worldwide support that her tale has received, Annie has received a lot of love.

She has received numerous gifts and letters, which are documented in posts on her social media.

According to Lauren who spoke to 9News, some of her Instagram videos have gotten almost 4.2 million views. To accommodate her fan mail, "We had to obtain a P.O. box."

Everyone was surprised that Annie wouldn't survive as long as she has; perhaps she is just too enjoying herself to give up just yet.

While Annie continues to have the time of her life, the foster parents are aware that her time will come sooner rather than later.

We're going to let her keep living life up until the point when she's ready to leave, Lauren told 9News. She spending her last day in the shelter would have broken my heart more,

A sweet tale, indeed. We are grateful that Annie has these two wonderful buddies to make her final days so memorable because all dogs deserve a loving home to live out their lives in.

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