She crawled down the street and got drenched in the rain. waited for help for days in front of people’s eyes

It's important to act quickly to save an animal since a threatened animal is frequently associated with urgency. When they came upon an abandoned dog in the middle of a rainy day in Venezuela, the Fundación JR Rescata crew managed to save it.

Before volunteers arrived to make an attempt at saving her, she was helpless and hopeless for hours.

The dog, who clearly dragged herself over the ground the entire way, is seen in the video posted by Paws Show on YouTube lying on the street, completely saturated, with a wound and her body and legs covered in mud. inclement morning

She was also sick and felt extremely cold, and you could see the anguish in her eyes. Fortunately, though, this was only the beginning of her rescue, so she no longer had to fear.

In order to transport her to the veterinarian, they gently carried her up to the truck. Once there, they dried her from head to toe, cleaned her wound, and showered her with the love she so desperately needed.

He also presented himself a little bit better when the dirt was washed off of his body; in fact, he did not object to the usual caresses that are extended in these circumstances. They decided to call her Polly since she exuded self-assurance.

Polly received all the assistance she required to survive, along with food because she had gone for a long time without eating and needed to replenish her energy and get stronger. Fortunately, he happily accepted it, and although she needed help, it didn't take long for him to devour it.

He walked outside the following morning to go around and relieve himself on the patio, which was a positive sign of his recovery!

The film's subtitle, "Polly Wants to Live Like Everyone Else," sums up what you can clearly see when you look at the dog, who is now in much better health and receiving better care thanks to her rescuers and carers who made this miracle possible. The volunteers were heard saying in the film that "Polly develops little by little, she is a nice, well-behaved puppy."

The animal rescue organization is keeping track of the cases it takes on through its Instagram account, "jenireerodriguezrescata," including Polly, who has recovered and looks much better than she did when they first met her.

View the rescue in the video below. 


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