Ronald, the ‘unlucky’ Dog, Has Finally Found a Home After 14 Failed Adoptions


Every shelter dog hopes to find their very own forever home, and while shelters make every effort to facilitate adoption, the process isn't always simple. Some pets take a very long time to find the ideal home, and occasionally adoptions that are in the works fall through.

Last week, we told the tale of Ronald, a dog that experienced a string of unfortunate events after 14 adoption attempts failed. He did not give up though. and at last, this adorable dog finds a home!

Young and adorable Ronald, a 63-pound dog, was kept at the Wake County SPCA. But due of his size, luck wasn't on his side. He can knock people over with a single jump because of his massive size and strength. He's still a puppy, so he can be a little bit mouthy. For these reasons, he required a family that was prepared to train him patiently and was not put off by his size.

In order to urge people to adopt Ronald, the shelter posted a blog about his unfortunate circumstances. They were aware that it would be difficult to stop people from adoring his cute puppy face.

a bad run of luck The main reason why 14 adoptions for this sweet boy failed was that he was too big or powerful. He truly is a big boy! He only weights 63 lbs despite having a huge physique. Ronald is completely sweet, obeys orders, and accepts goodies with extreme care. He is a really good boy, in all honesty, the SPCA of Wake County wrote.

Ronald's fortune improved after that post gained widespread attention. The shelter was aware that at least one of the adoption requests had to be ideal for Ronald because so many people had made them.

A few days later, the shelter reported that Ronald's string of bad luck had come to an end and that he had found his forever family. Ronald looks happier than ever in the images that the SPCA released of him with his new family. His relatives reported that he gets along well with the youngsters and that he is the center of attention. This adoption appears to be the one that will last the longest.

"We are very appreciative of your kind words of support and generous offers to assist Ronald. Thank you all so much for hearing Ronald's story. Ronald was able to reach about a million individuals on the first day because to the broad distribution of your shares. His entire life transformed in an instant, practically overnight. We are constantly in awe of your ability to use your keyboard to alter someone's life! the sheltered reported.

Ronald, though, is only one of many dogs at the shelter that are waiting for a home. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and energies, like 3-year-old Siri, who has been looking for a family for 400 days, are adopted, according to the staff. Therefore, have a look at some of the available canines from the SPCA if you're searching for a new family member close to Garner, North Carolina.


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