Rescue Puppy From Little Poor Life To The Queen


Ava was born with two injured hind legs and is now a 45-day-old puppy. She was covered in squalor and mange, making life a living misery for her. Thank goodness, help was called for and showed there very away.

The dog was then taken for inspection after that. Her blood cell count needs to be increased with medicine because she has an extraordinarily low red blood cell count of just 17%. She has problems with her liver and kidneys. A blood parasite needs to be treated in her.

Day 9: Ava is getting medical care from a vet for her mange and blood parasite.

She has healthier skin and is moving around more. She stood on two of her hind legs and walked on her left hind leg.

Following 13 days To assess how her bones are doing, I need to take her to the vet and have an X-ray taken. Inspecting Ava's excrement and taking her temperature. expressed her foster mother

After over a month, Ava was receiving treatment for all of her medical difficulties! She started to grow in a regular manner, and as her coat grew, it smoothed and silkened. She enjoys her rescuers and is a very vivacious and social person. How things have changed! Look at the video below.

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