Little Puppy Nudged His Head Near Motionless Brother Wanting Him To Play


Rescue workers from Animal Aid Unlimited went to the aid of a dog that was in anguish and laid motionless due to a badly injured paw. His mother became increasingly worried as his sister persisted in questioning why he couldn't participate.

They gingerly picked up the small dog and transported him back to the hospital for further examination despite his fear. The dog needed care immediately but was afraid. He was really brave there, and it seemed he understood they were only trying to help.

During his recuperation, the sweet child made lots of new friends while receiving meals and painkillers! Yet his life was seriously lacking something essential.

He would be housed by Animal Aid while his limb stabilized, but they were aware that without his family, he would never be the same. Just wait until you meet Jimmi after a month with his mom and sibling back home! He was given to them to be finished.


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