‘The World’s Loneliest Dog’ Becomes A Movie Star Along With Sir Anthony Hopkins

 Following six years in a shelter, the "loneliest dog in the world" is given a happily ever after.

There was a time when Freya, a dog that had once been at a shelter, had no one to talk to her. Now, she enjoys spending her days working next to some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

And she'll join them soon.

Staffordshire bull terrier Freya was sent to Freshfields Animal Rescue in England as a young puppy after being spotted as a stray. She waited and watched as potential adopters came and went for six years, but no one was interested in taking her in.

Freya was given the depressing moniker of "world's loneliest dog" during that time after it was said that 18,720 would-be pet owners passed her by.

Nevertheless, things abruptly changed.

After reading an article earlier this year about Freya's sad predicament, director Michael Bay felt that the lonely dog had been ignored for far too long. On Twitter, Bay announced the casting of Freya in the upcoming "Transformers" sequel.

Since then, there haven't been many details revealed, but just now, we have a behind-the-scenes photo of Freya and Anthony Hopkins on the set.

Bay is heard saying, "Freya's doing a terrific job acting," in the Paramount Pictures video below.

video play by clicking:

Freya now enjoys something superior to fame.

The adorable puppy, who had been in need of a home to call her own, finally got it in July.

On her behalf, rescuers posted on social media that "every dog deserves a home." I sincerely want to express my gratitude to everyone who made this possible for me.


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