Dad Defends Letting His 1-Year-Old Son Nap and Cuddle With Huge Pit Bull


The pit bull has it worse than any other breed of dog when it comes to unjust stereotypes. The public has always viewed pit bulls as being inherently violent and vicious dogs.

Just like with any breed, it all just depends on the environment and upbringing of the dog. Many pet pit bulls are quite affectionate and outgoing, both with people and other animals.

However, the breed has suffered greatly as a result of its nasty image; not only are they frequently utilized in illegal dog fighting rings, but they also have a hard time finding homes. They are the breed that shelters see the most of.

Many pit bull supporters work hard to refute the rumors and restore their reputation... a father who defended the dogs after receiving criticism for allowing them to be around his infant.

The proprietor of MVP Kennels, which breeds American Bully dogs, is Jarad Derochey. Despite their image, he is a staunch believer that these dogs make wonderful pets; his Instagram account demonstrates how joyful and sociable pit bulls can be.

He is at ease with his dogs spending time with his small children since he has such a high level of trust in them.

Jarad demonstrated that pit bulls can happily cuddle with children, despite the concerns of many pit bull detractors about how they will act around babies.

While many people thought these pictures were cute, some did not: Jarad reportedly faced some blowback from individuals who thought he was endangering his son's life by allowing him to sleep with a pit bull.

But he stood up for both himself and the dogs. He reportedly spoke out and expressed his hope that the priceless images and videos would change people's perceptions of the breed, noting that his pit bulls were so gentle and loving that they would never hurt his children.


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