Brother Puppies Move From the Freezing Streets to a Comfortable Home


Someone noticed Kona and Oscar relaxing by the side of the road and knew they had finally found the loving home they had been searching for.

Who lived on the chilly streets and took the chance of being run over? Two young puppies who were siblings gathered on the sidewalk of a busy street in Palmdale, a city in Los Angeles County, California, in the hopes that someone would see them and assist them.

When the puppies tried to cross the street, a woman spotted them and rescued them. The good Samaritan instantly phoned MaeDay Rescue after saving them, and assistance was on its way to save these defenseless four-legged children.

The starving puppies complied with their rescuers willingly, and soon enough they were crammed into the back seat of a car, prepared to be driven to safety and recovery.

According to a MaeDay Rescue representative, "They were both calm, which made it easy to bring them up." You could tell they were frightened, but they knew they would be secure in the automobile, he said. The puppies, later given the names Kona and Oscar, were able to unwind totally once they were safe, and this allowed their personalities to start to emerge.

The rescuer noted that Kona appeared slightly calmer and was giving little kisses. In contrast, he continued, "Oscar was a hyperactive, energetic youngster who liked to get into everything. But they're both so attractive and intelligent, he continued.

The puppies were terrific prospects for adoption; all they required was the right home. They bounced back from their ordeal swiftly and resumed their beautifully energetic behaviors.

Initially, Kona was adopted. The rescue group posted on Instagram, "This beautiful girl will never be dumped again." She continued, "Her new family has already showered her with love and is charmed with her."

Oscar eventually secured his own apartment. Another Instagram post by MaeDay Rescue stated, "He adores his new family and is utterly charmed with his big brother." She said, "We are glad to be a part of his happy ending; this is certainly the perfect home for him."

Although their journey began in a horrible place, it is evident that these brothers will never again have to worry about making it without help, and they undoubtedly moved from subsisting on the freezing streets to appreciating the luxuries of home. 


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