Abandoned puppy with the words: “Unlucky Puppy – Help Me!”


After they abandoned the pet, the owner sent that text. But, despite the puppy's eyes being fixed on the end of the route, she is lying in a lonely position close to a rock. when the owner has already left and won't return to get her.

When she saw the abandoned puppy there, a neighbor called Hope For Pets. Because she was scared of dogs, she dared not approach. It has been there since the morning when the dog was abandoned.

The rescue team questioned numerous residents in the area, but no one had any information about her. She was most likely left behind by a stranger who shackled her to the stone. Due to their fear that they would be pursued and brought back to their home, they fled.

Although the dog is in perfect health, cleaning up after her would be a good idea.

Just after the puppy's abandoned photos were uploaded Numerous individuals expressed their displeasure when they saw the words "Unlucky Puppy - Help Me!" posted on social media to find out information about her theft.

Dogs are a man's best friend forever. They stand by us all the time, protect us, and share in all of our joys and sorrows. So, it is unnecessary to refer to them as "Unlucky Dogs"; simply leave them alone.

Such behavior is horrible and absolutely out of place! Inquiries into that dishonest owner are still being pursued by Hope For Pets.

If you are familiar with her! We hope to find the perpetrator fast because justice must always be served. in order to prosecute them in court!

Let's encourage her to tell her tale!


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