True hero. A faithful dog protects his family members from poisonous snake that entered the house

A loyal dog saved the family from a venomous snake. To keep the family safe, he put in endless effort.
The dog was called Chiko. The dog attacked the snake, and as a result, it perished. In Kuching, Malaysia, this took place.

The dog's owner, Alice Mingu, downloaded a picture of the brave and obedient canine who gave his life to protect his family.
When their beloved dog, who had become a member of the family, passed away, the owners were heartbroken and in severe sorrow. The family dog was very essential.

Numerous individuals believed that the dog would attack someone at some point, but they were wrong. Contrarily, the dog showed off his maternal instincts by saving the whole family.
The dog noticed the deadly snake in the eating area. Owners tried to extract the dog from the snake, but they were unsuccessful. The scene was very moving. Peace be with you, real hero.

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