Stray mama dog curls up in a box with her puppies to keep them warm.

 Mama dogs are fiercely devoted to raising their pups. As long as their puppies are secure, they will go to great lengths to protect them, even if it means forgoing their own comfort.

Just like a wandering mother dog did for her pups.

She lived in a box under a car with her pups. She is hugging with her pups to keep them as warm as possible because it is chilly in the video.

Thankfully, a person sees them and runs outside to save them from their dangerous living circumstances.

It's difficult to first approach a dog, but he took his time to show that he had no malicious intent.

He first gave the mother dog food.

You can only image how challenging it must be for her to leave her puppies to go grocery shopping.

She started eating and took food right out of his hand, showing that she was starting to believe him. After some time, he attempted to attach a leash to her, but she resisted and left instead.

The man then carefully transferred the puppies from the crate to a kennel.

He took care to avoid injuring the puppies so their mother would know.

Mama dog watched from a distance as he successfully moved all of the puppies. She went back to check on her babies and make sure they were secure after the man left.

Once she was certain that her puppies were secure, she collapsed once more under the automobile. He carefully walked up to her.

He caressed her for a while, then snatched her up in his arms and took her to a waiting van.

The mother dog was reunited with the puppies after he carefully transported them to a bigger kennel. Relieved to be with their mother once more, the puppies started to feed once more.

The man's concern for the dog is the most stunning feature of this film.

He seems sincere in his desire to help the mother dog and her pups.

The man hails from Serbia's Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter. It is a non-profit, non-governmental rescue organization that runs the biggest no-kill animal shelter in the vicinity.

After driving them to the shelter, he took care of their needs for warmth, food, and comfort.

To show the dogs and puppies his love and appreciation, the man even gives them kisses.

One internet user remarked, "This man is the best." He always treats the pets he rescues with kindness and love.

Another person said, "These remarkable acts of kindness give us all hope for humanity. Outstanding effort!

Until they are ready to be adopted, the mother dog and her puppies will stay in foster care at the shelter.

Thanks to people who genuinely care about neglected and abandoned animals, this contented mama dog will be able to live with a loving family rather than in a cardboard box.

The Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter does a great job of saving and caring for stray canines. If you can, kindly donate on their website.

Learn how this man saved this mother dog and her puppies in the video below.

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