She Was Kicked Out of The House, Sad And Exhausted By The Scorn of Passersby

Meet Preciosa! Numerous people have been affected by Preciosa's narrative and have shed tears.

She was kicked out of her apartment complex about a month ago. Even worse, his owner beat her and dumped her on the street.

She struggled to stay warm because of the heavy snowfall and depended on the kindness of onlookers. After two days, she kept looking at the house where she used to live. She felt very depressing. She wandered the streets and narrow lanes in search of food. In a little town, she was.

She was assaulted and her thigh was broken after one such hike. She had to be dragged down the street since she was too exhausted to walk alone.

Preciosa was taken to the vet with all of the prayers, according to Paws Show. She got surgery and spent two days in Vet. Beautiful girl following surgery. She'll be more able to walk and speak.

Preciosa began to walk a little after 15 days. As directed by the doctor, she is moving. The injury has now healed. She had her wounds carefully examined.

Preciosa had fully recovered after a month. The girl is nice and a lot of fun. She put on weight and developed into a beautiful pretty girl with the help of the sponsor.

Preciosa has begun looking for a new place to call home. She will hopefully meet individuals who genuinely adore her. I appreciate you everyone!


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