Poor puppy stuck in gutter crying for help but no one is ready to help!


Someone said a few weeks ago that the owner of this puppy had passed away and that his relatives had thrown him out of the house. No one pulled him up as he chased after bystanders.

While sprinting, he unintentionally slipped into a gutter that was wide open. H was pleading for assistance, but nobody listened to him and they all turned and left.

A kind individual contacted Animal Aid Unlimited India. When rescuers came, Felix, a street dog, was screaming out in pain while lying in a gutter.

On YouTube, Animal Aid Unlimited India claims, "We received a call on our hotline from a puppy crying in pain." "We discovered him wail[ing] in an exposed gutter."

They claimed, "At first, we couldn't understand what was wrong, but we rapidly noticed many major cuts on his leg.

"We took him back to Animal Aid's hospital and treated him for pain and infection, along with cleaning and suturing the wounds."

After two weeks of medical treatment and relaxation, Felix was getting better.

Felix quickly bounced back from the love and attention he got. Rescuers reported that the scared child recovered in just two weeks and transformed into a small love bug.

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