Madame Eyebrows Is the Canine Who All The Time Appears To Be Like She’s Not In The Temper


Have you ever fallen head over heels for a puppy dog's brows? Everyone knows that "puppy dog eyes" are adorable. The cute-puppy ante has just been raised by this English bulldog with her attractive features and expressive "eyebrows."

Madame Eyebrows was born with two spots that resemble brows over her eyes. Her thick brows, which make her appear mournful, are the most amusing feature. She looks more like Dejected Dog than Grumpy Cat.

Understand what we mean?

The owner of Madame Eyebrows told The Dodo that "[she] always looked sad and had eyebrows."

The dog is pleased despite his downcast expression. The owner said, "She's overjoyed." She loves you and wags her tail.

You can see this pup's better side when you read through her Instagram page, which, by the way, has over 100,000 followers.

See? Some good news exists.

However, you'll frequently ponder "Why the long face?"

Look at her, please!

The best face to see in the early morning hours is this one:

It's possible that dogs don't have brows like people do. According to the site for Canidae Pet Food, they can still communicate using the ridge over their eyes that would normally be their brows:

"Some breeds actually have marks above their eyes where humans imagine brows should be, such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers." Dogs, on the other hand, lack genuine brows but do have a ridge over their eyes that may be manipulated to convey different emotions in the same way that we do.

If Madame Eyebrows so wished, she could use her enormous, stunning brow to convey her emotions, but perhaps she would rather let us choose her mood. Don't let the "sad brow" deceive you!


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