Loyal Dog Waits For Weeks In Empty House After Family Leaves Him Behind

A 2-year-old boxer mix named Freon wasn't sure what to do when he saw Donna Lochmann waiting at the top of the stairs. This was his first encounter with someone in about two weeks.

The first time Lochmann heard of Freon was when he got a call from a neighboring landlord reporting an abandoned dog in one of his properties.

The landlord disclosed to the employees at the shelter that Freon's family had secretly kept the dog tied up in a stairwell for more than a week after moving into a residence that did not permit pets. Lochmann quickly jumped in her car after hearing this and headed for the residence.
When Lochmann arrived on the scene, she stopped in the foyer where Freon was supposedly hiding.

"I spotted him huddling on one of the landings when I pried the door [open]," said Lochmann, the lead lifeguard at the refuge.

Using Lochmann's search for Freon as an example:

Freon was left alone on the stairs for almost two weeks, yet he managed to stay alive thanks to the food bowls placed there. He also had a water supply, which allowed him to stay cool throughout the hot summer days.

She descended the steps to Freon's landing, and to Lochmann's amazement, the shy dog allowed her to place a leash on him without putting up any struggle.

Lochmann stated that he was hesitant to accompany me. He was eventually persuaded to leave by the front door after some Vienna sausages, though.

They then walked away. As soon as they entered the vehicle, the unidentified Freon did something that drew Lochmann's eye.

He joined us up front and, according to Lochmann, stuck his face on the air conditioner vents. He was given the name Freon because he "liked the cool air on his face."

Freon arrived at the shelter and soon won over everyone's affections.
The dog was still friendly with everyone in the clinic even after his treatments! on the basis of a Facebook post. The post claims that no other dog has ever acted in that manner.

Freon went short to the shelter's clinic to seek the medical attention he needed after spending so much time alone.

Freon became adoptable as soon as he was completely healthy again, however his adoption listing was withdrawn right afterwards.

He now has his forever family, said Lochmann. He also has a canine sibling.
With his tragic past in the past, Freon is thriving in his new home, and Stray Rescue of St. Louis is overjoyed.

Freon's adoption announcement from the animal shelter began, "We adore you, friend." Returning is not possible.

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