He wandering alone on the street, asking every passbyer for help but but received only cold heart!


At 7:55 in the morning, there was nothing but their feet in front of a school in Sarajevo! I really wish we were a little bit different. The degree of the cruelty was particularly heartbreaking to the reactions of the people when they saw a little dog!

Three to four months old, The Doggie is a canine! People simply give him icy looks as he wanders the streets begging for assistance.

He was discovered walking through an elementary school in the Bjelave neighborhood of Sarajevo by Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his rescue squad! The little stray dog named Doggie had no chance of surviving in this bitterly cold town.

They had little trouble catching the unfortunate puppy because he was so amiable and they didn't have to work too hard to achieve it.

"All of you who support me and appreciate my efforts and struggles are appreciated. Thank you. I'm grateful for everyone who can assist me in finding homes for all of my rescued dogs." Fahrudin declared

Robert was given the name. Then, a few short months later, Bobby found his forever home, which is what we hope for all the canines in the world.

And once more, I'd like to humbly beg you to share this tale in order to aid in the cause of saving and rehoming as many dogs as possible. I appreciate your all-out support, and I thank you!


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