Desolate puppy forever wore a Christmas sweater begging for a home, but time was running out

 A puppy wearing a sweater seems to be really adorable and heartwarming at first glance. But what happened to the image of the dog who was always wearing a Christmas sweater drove everyone around the world to tears and was everything but adorable.

Many people will have the chance to reflect on wonderful times spent with loved ones, family get-togethers, and the start of a new year as the year comes to an end.

Unluckily, it did not occur in the case of a dejected puppy who longed to be adopted but refused to give up hope, still wearing a bright green Christmas jumper three months later.

The puppy speaks for itself with his sad face.

Bobby is a sad-looking, small dog whose family he had so completely trusted before they tragically abandoned him.

He was left in horrible distress and uncertainty by his owners, who also took his collar and leash.

The Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter volunteers thought that because of Christmas, Bobby would be lucky despite his traumatic past.

They posted a picture of him online while dressing him in a soft green sweater in an effort to find him a home.

He consistently sits dejectedly in the same spot.

Days passed, Christmas came and went, and despite the fact that Bobby's picture gained widespread attention and that many people fell in love with his story, no family gave him a warm, loving home.

The furry's situation provoked a red code in the shelter, placing him at the top of a list of only pups who will be sacrificed because his reality was too grim.

The situation did not make Bobby, a tiny dog who is generally intelligent, sadden but devastated him.

Due to the dumb selfishness of humans who couldn't comprehend how special he is, he understood he was on the verge of death.

Only one family had to place a bet on him for it to happen.

"very depressing Bobby, I wish you luck in finding a house soon. All the adoration in the world is yours to have, "one online user stated.

Bobby's eyes were nearly closed from the pain, and the only color left in him was that bright green jumper. He was weak and wretched and unable to move his small head.

But on occasion, as was the case with this poor little dog, the Christmas enchantment might move too slowly.

Bobby had finally found his long-awaited home when fortunately a woman showed up at the shelter interested in adopting him.

"I'm extremely happy for Bobby; it's incredible that such a lovely woman came to save him; it's a miracle from heaven, he's found his home for life," remarked another online user. "Perhaps his old owners are not allowed to have any more pets."

Currently, Bobby is ecstatic.

All of the puppy's enthusiasm was returned by his new owner, and the kisses and cuddles he received helped him regain faith in people.

He has once more given his heart in the hopes that it will be accepted with gratitude this time.

We wish Bobby the best of luck in putting his past behind him and experiencing the fulfilling love life that he has always been deserving of. Bobby has a lot of love to give and receive.

Congratulations, sweet little one!

Keep in mind that a poor dog with a broken heart is waiting for you to give him the chance to love and be loved, and that hopefully many more dogs will experience the late Christmas joy that might yet enter their lives.


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