A Good Samaritan went above and beyond to save the life of a dog in a desperate situation

 A brave man enters an icy pond without shoes or a shirt to save a dog from drowning.

In order to save the life of a dog in distress, a good Samaritan went above and beyond. In order to save a drowning puppy, a guy in Russia braved the freezing conditions without shoes or a shirt.

The anonymous man walks up to where the dog had fallen into the hole in the frozen pond.

The dog growls and lunges at him when he tries to bring it outside. The dog was obviously frightened and in a rage.

The dog repeatedly attacks the hero before he can get the pup out of the water and to safety.

Alexander Levashov was there to document the heroic actions of the nobleman and the dog.

After being set free, the dog sprints out of the frame, and the guy is seen washing snow into his bit and injured palm.

Emergency responders showed up and gave the victim first aid, and Levashov speculates that the dog may have been a neighborhood stray known for chasing ducks in the pond.

Let's hope the dog is able to locate someone who will help him escape his homelessness. However, the Good Samaritan's efforts deserve praise!

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