Two adorable dogs with severe facial deformities become inseparable best friends

 Picasso, a five-year-old dog, was born with a deviated septum, while Newt, a one-year-old dog, was born without an upper jaw due to being bit by his mother when he was a puppy.

Two dogs who have significant facial defects are inseparably in love.

The founder and director of Lovable Dog Rescue, Liesl Wilhardt, 53, has detailed the close bond between Picasso and Newt.

Despite having substantial facial defects, both dogs live happily on a 55-acre estate in Oregon, USA.

When Picasso's sibling passed away unexpectedly in 2017, Liesl took him, and when Newt passed away in 2021, the two fell in love right away.

While Newt, then one, was left with no upper jaw after his mother bit him, Picasso, now five, was born with a crooked nose.

The pair currently leads a very happy life, despite the struggles they face on a daily basis as a result of their abnormalities and Newt's health issues.

A series of movies showing their daily routines, including feeding, playing, walking, and gathering berries, allow us to observe their relationship.

Since Picasso would have struggled to even suckle from his mother, Liesl remarked that it was amazing that Picasso had survived as a newborn.

In addition to his missing upper jaw, Newt has faced a number of other difficulties, the majority of which are unrelated.

Both Picasso and Newt enjoy interacting with people, which makes them both extroverted and attention-seeking in public. Most people immediately do a second take before turning to look at the dogs and trying to make sense of what they are seeing.

They've learned to deal with their physical limitations and aren't in pain, so they can pretty much achieve anything they want.

Picasso has always adored Newt since he is so adorable and enjoys playing and wrestling.

As Newt grew older, our friendship grew stronger.

"Picasso and Newt are two incredibly friendly, happy, witty, and entertaining dogs. I truly adore them both."


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