Truth Behind Photo of Horse Apparently Coming to the Rescue of Drowning Blind Dog


A dog was drowning and in need of rescue when a horse by the name of "Agripin" happened to be swimming in the Danube River. The little blind dog, Abby, had traveled far from the river's edge after falling from a nearby pier. She couldn't find her way back to land. Agripin offered the little dog a ride back to land as he swam out to her.

Because of how shallow the river was, Agripin could stand up in it. Sensing help had arrived, Abby climbed onto Agripin's back and rode back to shore.

The small dog's owner, who was standing on the beach and witnessing, was surprised by Agripin's swimming rescue of the canine.

The upcoming rescue tale is great, but it turns out to be completely untrue!

A few years ago, this picture and the narrative that accompanied it went viral on social media.

On, an animal lover wishes to clarify that the dog is not blind and that the horse did not save it. The horse is named Brenda Lee, the dog is named Lucy, and their father, Brian Sean Reid of Horses Know the Way Home, is a personal friend of both animals. The amazing picture was taken by equine photographer Jodie Sinclair. The United States is where the animals can be found.

Sinclair really captured some pictures of the attractive couple swimming at the shore.

an Einsteinupload. She wrote on Facebook that Lucy is "the most independent, strong, relentless tiny kid I have ever encountered."

The Facebook page Horses Know the Way Home also observed the popularity of the image and is ecstatic about all the untrue rumors. How many lives will Brenda Lee and Lucy be able to save this summer working together, they joke.

Lucy's small winter coat is adorable.

enjoying time with their father.

They take time to visit their friends as well!

Would you like to see the couple in action? Reid sent me a video of Brenda Lee riding Lucy around the Tufts University barrier.


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