The dog Struggling In Ditch Left To Die With A Taped Mouth And Legs, Can’t Stop Wiggling His Tail After Being Rescued By Plumbers

 After being rescued by plumbers, the dog struggling in a ditch and left to perish can't stop wiggling his tail.

Plumber Carlos Carillo and a colleague discovered something unexpected in a ditch along a rural road on their way to work. According to Carrillo, a Texas employee of Shoreline Plumbing, "At first, we didn't know he was a dog." We circled back and noticed him. The dog was restrained with tubing and had his lips taped shut. He was undoubtedly abandoned to die...

Carillo and his companion hurried to save the dog. Carrillo continued, "He seemed to be in a good humor. "He was very affectionate and delighted in the limelight. He probably only stayed there for a day or two."

The canine was taken by the plumbers to the nearby no-kill shelter Peewee's Pet Adoption in their car. Carrillo referred to the dog's obvious joy at being alive by saying, "Look at that face. He acknowledges that he has been saved!

The dog was judged to be in fair health despite having heartworms, therefore treatment was started. According to a Peewee's Pet Adoption worker, "His tail won't stop wagging." What a sweetheart, she exclaims.

The person who so cruelly abandoned the dog was never found, but the plumbers were able to save the canine's life. Now all he requires is a secure, loving home.

The dog is overjoyed to be alive and is looking for a warm, long-term home.


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