Shiba Inu Who Survived House Fire Becomes Therapy Dog For Burn Victims

 Taka is a Shiba Inu with a sad past who uses his tales to inspire and comfort others.

After spending some time at the Care More Animal Hospital after suffering major burn injuries in 2018, one of the vet techs, Crystal Lesley, fell head over heels with the affectionate dog.

Although Taka had won the hearts of everyone at the hospital, it was Lesley, with whom he developed a special bond during his treatment, who made the decision to foster him.

Taka will eventually be trained as a therapy dog by Lesley to comfort people in similar circumstances.

Taka was happy to be returning home with Lesley because he had just experienced a lot. He had lost both his sight and his family in the fire.

Taka was asleep in the afternoon when the fire that burned his face and left him blind erupted in his home.

His family had to leave without him because the awful fire broke out without warning.

Taka eventually made it out of the burning building by himself, but he was badly burned and needed help right away.

Taka's life was saved thanks to the dedicated work of the compassionate vets at Care More Hospital. Taka wouldn't be able to see his family again because it took several weeks for him to get well enough to rejoin the rest of the world.

The severity of his wounds astounded his family, who questioned their ability to give Taka the specialized care he would need.

They determined that leaving Kata in the hospital would be best. As a result, Kata was left to complete his treatment and rehabilitation on his own and required a foster home when it was time for him to leave the hospital.

It must have been sad for the poor pup to lose both his sight and his family at the time, but Taka's family's difficult choice would ultimately lead him to the joyful existence he has now.

Taka was ecstatic to have his foster mother as his new, loving home.

And what was meant to be a brief stay while Taka searched for a new forever home quickly changed to a permanent residence.

Lesley acquired the adorable, upbeat, and loving puppy and took on the role of his legal dog mom after realizing she could never part with him.

Living together, nevertheless, was not always straightforward. Taka was enrolled in the Canine Training Project by Lesley because he initially had trouble getting along with his new canine siblings.

Taka got the guidance and organization he needed to feel more secure and in control.

Taka was doing so well in training and seemed to enjoy it, so Lesley made the decision to sign him up for Therapy Dog training.

She realized that Taka had the comforting and amiable disposition that would make him a great therapy dog.

Additionally, he would be uniquely suited to relate to burn victims given his personal experiences.

Taka's life has been drastically changed by spending more than a year in that burning building. Since then, he's come a long way.

At Care More Animal Hospital, he has made friends for life, has a brand-new family to call his own, and has recently finished his Therapy Dog training. You may follow Taka's Journey, where he engages in a variety of endearing and uplifting activities.

It's amazing how much can occur in a year, and we have faith that Taka will significantly enhance many people's lives during the coming 12 months.


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