She Sheds Tears Because for The First Time She Feels Human Love


I'm LuLi. She was a mother who was homeless and worn out. She is young, as far as we can tell, but she has been pregnant. Her history is unknown to us. Scabs and illness coated every inch of her body. It was just skin and bones left of LuLi.

Buenos Aires, Argentina's Noelia Prestipino (La Casita de Noe), a neighborhood shelter, was able to help when a compassionate woman called Alejandra spotted her. The moment the rescue team members spotted her, their hearts fell.

Because she had never known human love, LuLi was anxious. Because of her exceptionality, they gave her the name Luna.

After only 15 days in the shelter and with the correct care, this sweet child has undergone a significant transformation. They brought her with them, cleaned her, and gave her antibiotics. She was much more appealing.

Luli deserves a place to live, a stroll, a bed, and a trip. I'm certain that I love her.

This precious spirit has finally found a lifelong loving family thanks to the shelter staff. This lovely young lady is enjoying her day very much. She has now formally joined a new family.

"We wish my daughter happiness and will always miss her."


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