She laid in the middle of road in severe condition hopeless waiting for kind people come to help!

Oh, my heart is breaking! The poor little puppy was found snoozing in the middle of the street and almost got stepped on.

She was lying in the middle of the road in terrible condition, hopeless, and awaiting kind individuals to save her. She appeared to be extremely hungry, feeble, and exhausted; even her skin was excessively dry and diseased, on the verge of developing severe mange.

She was discovered by two women while driving, who transported her to the hospital for care.

The pup is adorable. After two weeks of treatment, the veterinarian expected that she would recover normally.

The unfortunate puppy was able to eat a lot the following day and was growing stronger. She likes to play in the yard with the feces and pee.

She is currently residing in the clinic with other stray dogs, and as companions, they will both be treated for their ailments and undergo a miraculous transformation together.

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