Rehomed Deaf Dog Is Certain She’s Going Back To The Shelter Once Again

 In the United States, 5–10% of canines are deaf. Some dogs become deaf as they age, while others are born without hearing. A cochleosaccular gene mutation is commonly the cause of hereditary deafness. Dogs with white coats and blue eyes are more likely to have this type of deafness.

Pit bull named Blu has piercing blue eyes and a white coat. Blu is deaf.

She remained unvisited day after day in an animal shelter.

Luckily, business colleagues Mark and Sean were looking to adopt a deaf dog in the San Francisco area. Two were located at Family Dog Rescue. Blu was one of them.

She was vibrant and full of life when Mark and Sean first met her at the shelter. Mark informed GeoBeats Animals that "she took an immediate strong connection to Sean and the rest is pretty much history."

Blu's first owners got in touch with them to let them know he had been living with them for six years. Blu was put in a shelter when they were forced to move into a rental home that forbade pit bulls.

One of the guests that stayed in the refuge the longest was Blu.

One of the reasons it took her some time to feel comfortable around her new dads was that she had been alone for a long time.

Blu was unsure about their intentions for her and whether they intended to send her back to the shelter.

"In fact, she was afraid on the first car ride we brought her on to the beach, which was a few days after we bought her.

" Mark said, "She was just shaking in the back.

According to Mark and Sean, Blu's personality expanded as she felt more at ease around them.

Three years later, Blu still enjoys traveling in cars after receiving lots of love and attention.

Blu was made aware of Mark and Sean's love and yearning.

They and Blu have grown so close that they have their own unique communication style.

Blu can determine where they're going by watching her father's movements, and she even sniffs their feet while out on a stroll.

She is probably my spirit animal, I suppose. I can sense when she's tense, happy, or depressed. Sean said, "We just read each other pretty well.

Blu recognizes that the wiggles on Mark and Sean's fingers are signs that she is doing okay. Sean's stern gaze tells her to calm down.

Additionally, they worked with a trainer to teach Blu stress-relieving techniques like stretching.

The fact that Blu is deaf has no effect on how she lives her life or interacts with her new owners.

According to Mark, it only affects Blu's ability to build relationships with other canines.

She and the past deaf dogs I've had weren't able to pick up on many of the small linguistic cues that dogs provide to one another, according to Mark.

Dogs who are deaf can hear with their hearts. Sean said, "I don't think I'd ever not have a deaf dog since they're so special and great.

They said that Blue is unaffected by fireworks-filled holidays, which are generally unpopular with dogs.

It's beautiful to see how much Blu means to Mark and Sean.

The reciprocity of the emotion is also obvious. Blu seems to be comfortable with her new family, happy, and healthy. We are ecstatic that Blu has found a place to call her new dads home.

Below, you can watch the heartwarming tale of pit bull Blu and her two dads.

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