Now for a puppy, a house is a piece of cardboard in the snow.

Not everyone is harsh and malicious. Today, we'd like to share with you the story of a good girl who rescued a homeless puppy.

There are lots of kind and loving people all around us. One of those stories is what we'd like to share with you. The girl's name is Natalia. The girl finds time in her busy schedule to save stray animals. But she has owned a pet.

While strolling down the street, Natalia came across a small puppy weeping heartbreakingly on a piece of cardboard. She was intrigued by the puppy's lineage and how prepared it seemed. This can only mean that it is a new vehicle on the road. Most likely, the negligent owner left it behind.

In the same situation, Natalia couldn't leave the baby in the car. She first took the dog to the doctor, who recommended the proper course of action. Natalia followed the croaker's instructions and took care of the baby.

The girl then started looking for the puppy's new home. She had, however, accidentally delayed things down. Simply put, she didn't want to offer it to somebody who wouldn't understand it. However, she became better over time to the point that she wanted to keep the dog for herself.

Zephyr is what Natalia named the puppy. They arrived at the fashionable musketeers without delay. It is easily accessible, so its rescuers may take the best possible care of it.


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