Maggie Is Now Just Making A Progress And Has Become A Therapy Dog!


Maggie, a 5-year-old dog, is truly a miracle dog considering the challenges she has previously overcome in order to live. Maggie was shot 17 times while pregnant and survived, finding a forever home and becoming a registered therapy dog.

Her bravery and her narrative began in Lebanon. Maggie was found with one ear severed, her jaws broken, and she was bound to a box. While pregnant, Maggie was subjected to torture before being shot 17 times with a shotgun, leaving her completely blind.

Someone in Lebanon saw the dejected puppy and made a social media appeal for help. A woman in London saw the appeal and asked for help by contacting The Wild At Heart Foundation. Maggie received help. However, she had to undergo operations and other medical procedures before being given up for adoption and meeting her forever family in Brighton, England.

Maggie, a celebrity on the Internet with over 248,000 Instagram followers, is owned by Kasey Carlin, a 25-year-old. Kasey left her position as a dog walker to focus solely on keeping an eye on Maggie's Instagram page.

We all understand what she stands for since we were taught these teachings as lessons, and she has taught myself and others a lot. But she constantly brings things up to me. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, love conquers all, be humble, savor every moment of life, help others around you, and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. "Every day she reminds me to strive to be better and achieve better," Kasey said to Bored Panda.

Recently certified as a therapy dog, Maggie has been visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and colleges. Everyone loves and enjoys having Maggie around. Both her owners and Kasey's other dog, Mishka, are smitten with Maggie at home.

I'm astounded by how many people are involved in her narrative every day. She had been neglected for so long that the reason I chose to foster her was because no one else did. Kasey adds, "I'm thrilled she can share such a beautiful message with the world.


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