Labrador Evacuated From Ukraine Finds A new Life In The US As A Police K9

 As a drug detection dog, Bruno has found a new life since leaving the Ukraine.

Numerous millions of human and animal lives have been affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. While many people attempt to rescue them, many species have been uprooted from their homes and left trapped in hazardous locations.

Fortunately, one dog removed from Ukraine has found a "new leash on life" after accepting a position as a police K9 in the US.

A one and a half-year-old Labrador named Bruno was transported from the war-torn Ukraine to Southwest Florida.

Bruno's new tutor, Detective Harrison Williams, told WINK News, "So far in his life has been a world rubberneck, he came first from Ukraine, and his family left when the Russian irruption happened.

Bruno was forced to leave his country by war, but he quickly returned and established a new mission when a German K9 trainer discovered the dog would make a fantastic police K9 and informed the Fort Myers Police Department about a potential new novitiate to their anesthetics division.

I responded, "Let's see if we can put this dog to work. He has some motivation to work," Detective Williams stated. He took a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Miami International Airport, and I drove down to Miami to pick him up.

For the Fort Myers Police Department, Bruno is now undergoing training to become an anesthetics discovery canine. The agency posted on Facebook that "Bruno will be a single purpose anesthetics discovery canine assigned to our Group Violence Intervention Unit."

Though it's challenging, Bruno has demonstrated a lot of passion for his new position.

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