Hearts have broken for 18 year old Dog dumped at shelter after his owners had no time for him


Oso, a Pomeranian mix who is 18 years old and is from Baldwin Park, California, is confused and discouraged. On March 28, his owners gave him over to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center because they could no longer care for him.

Oso had been a member of a family for 18 years, and it seemed as though he was welcomed while he was young and healthy. However, getting older is rarely gentle, and it is tragic that Oso will never comprehend why he was abandoned by the only people he probably ever knew.

I'm a male red Pomeranian mix with the name Oso. The homeless shelter estimates my age to be around 18. In pounds, I am 20.50. The shelter has had me as a resident since March 28, 2022.

Oso's medical records state that Osion is hindered. (Considering that Oso frequently bangs into the cage and the wall, he is probably blind.) In spite of some sensitivity on the back of his body, Oso is moving around and even swinging his tail (I am sure he is in pain - back, spine, and back legs). As may be noticed in the intake photo, Oso was panting."

In addition to being assessed, says Shelter: FRIENDLY I can say with certainty that Oso needs severe dental work due to tooth issues. I don't have Oso's medical records, so I don't know if he can hear or if he has a heart ailment. Videos and extra images have been provided in the comments."

For further details regarding this animal, contact Los Angeles County Animal Control - Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577. Request details for animal ID A5469379.

UPDATE: Oso was terminated in a compassionate manner on Monday since he was in pain. Peace be with you, little angel.


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