Dog Too Sick To Sit Is Given A Final Ride Around Town, Makes A Miraculous Recovery

 Maverick was just skin and bones when Joey Maxwell and his wife first encountered him in a death shelter. After they adopted Mav, he joined their family and spent six joyous years there.

Therefore, when the dog was diagnosed with lymphoma a few years ago, Maxwell did everything in his ability to support his canine friend in the fight against the illness, and the initial round of therapy was successful. But two months ago, the sickness came back, leaving him paralyzed.

As a result, the owner decided to take the dog for a wagon ride. Mav's health was significantly impacted by the decision to make his dying days as pleasurable as possible.

When we take him outside, according to Maxwell, "he barks at everyone who goes by until they pat him because he believes the whole world is there to love on him," she told CBS News.

And he might be correct. It's incredible how many people care for Maxwell and his dog. For instance, Maxwell started crying and the Lowe's cashier started to cry when he told his story and received a 50% discount on a wagon. Residents of Maxwell's little town recognize Maverick and approach him to offer their support.

Mav loves these kinds of coasters a lot. The dog seemed to be becoming stronger every day as a result.

Being aware of how much Mav means to so many other people right now and knowing that he has shown that appreciation in every way puts us in a terrific position.

Maverick is certainly feeling the love because he can now sit by himself and is becoming stronger every day.


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