Devoted Dog Dad Takes Ill Labradoodle On A Final Mountain Hike In A Wheelbarrow To Say Goodbye

 Monty's owner devised a touching way to take him on one more trip while he was fighting leukemia and unable to move around as he once could. What a lovely thing to accomplish. Peace be with you, Monty

Age may make it more difficult for pets to move around. Senior dogs' mobility may be restricted by aging and illness.

However, this is also the time when you want to make your pet's days extra memorable because you know they might not have much longer. You want to go on excursions with them and create cherished memories with them. And other dog owners come up with creative ways to help their senior dogs move around.

Like the man who came up with a novel way to take his dying dog on one last lovely adventure.

Carlos Fresco would travel everywhere with Monty, his 10-year-old Labradoodle. He would go on numerous walks and hikes with the dog. But when Monty was given a leukemia diagnosis, he understood the dog's life was finished.

Carlos said to SWNS, "Since his disease had reappeared, I knew Monty was dying." He had treatment for his condition for 18 months and did pretty well. But eight weeks ago, his leukemia returned, and things went downhill fast."

Carlos went Monty to the Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, one of their favorite hiking locations in Wales, since he still wanted to share a truly memorable experience with him.

Although Monty was accustomed to hiking, his deteriorating health made it challenging for him to move around. Carlos was worried that his dog wouldn't be able to make it to the top.

He therefore improvised. He helped his friend ascend the incline while riding in a wheelbarrow!

Together, they climbed the hill. The wheelbarrow drew a large crowd of other hikers. According to Carlos, numerous individuals "cried a tear" when they heard about Monty's situation and offered to help push him up the hill.

Carlos told SWNS, "That little boy altered so many people's lives." "He made everyone he encountered smile and pause for a moment to consider how life isn't all so bad."

He asserts that Monty took pleasure in all the hoopla surrounding his journey.

The dog's excursion turned out to be his last one; Monty passed away on June 21.

Carlos thanked everyone who was touched by his story for their condolences and admitted that he was certainly upset by the passing of his dog, but he was also happy for the special final voyage they did together.

God bless you, and good night, little fella. He was a very special young man."

Rest in peace, Monty. We're happy you went on another adventure with your devoted owner.

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