Cutest puppy warms hearts by peacefully watching the rain

We adore dogs for a variety of good reasons. It can be due to their brilliance or the fact that their special abilities make our lives easier (service dogs for example).

However, no matter the cause, there is no denying that dogs brighten our days. They never cease to wow everyone with how adorable they are!

Even though all puppies are cute and loving, it seems like certain of them were only made to become viral online hits.

And there are countless instances of puppy sightings that completely won people over. This time, a picture of a little puppy unwinding by watching the rain gained widespread attention.

This adorable tiny puppy likes the rain, unlike other dogs who flee from it. The brown and white dog relishes every downpour as though it were the biggest performance. When he watches it, he even crosses his back legs, which only serves to enhance his cuteness.

The brief but utterly lovely video depicts the adorable puppy taking in a wet day in front of his home in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

It turns out that the puppy is impatient to perform his gorgeous routine on a wet day.

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