Dоg Fоսnd Almоst Dеad And Tіеd іnsіdе A Plastіc Bag, Has A Nеw оppоrtսnіtу

 On July 10, 2016, a dog that was nearly dead was found tucked inside a trash bag in Transylvania, Romania. They had left him in a dumpster, expecting the worms to devour him and kill him, but fate had something else in store for him—a surprise and a second chance at life.

His leg was broken, and the worms had already started eating him alive when the people who discovered him unzipped the sack. The poor creator was severely dehydrated, had a severe head injury from the beatings he had received, and was famished.

The animal traveled to Transylvania. An animal care facility where emergency medical attention was provided. The pup was given the name "Anora," which means "light," but later revealed to be a female.

Helene Taylor, Anora's maternal human mother, explained to Boredpanda:

It's believed that the owner of this tiny dog severely beat him in an effort to kill him.

Doctors treated the swelling on her head and removed the parasites that were constricting her.

Finally, Anora was sent to the SK, where she was adopted by Helen Taylor and her dedicated family.

She was close to passing away and unable to walk, but thanks to life, she now has a loving home and will soon be able to run and play with other dogs.


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