A Shеltеr іn Nеw уоrk іs іn Chargе оf Hеlpіng Hоmеlеss Pеоplе And Thеіr Pеts

 Many homeless people in the United States choose to keep their pets with them despite living in appalling conditions because they view them as essential members of their families. Because of this, a group in New York called Collide has been tasked with providing food and medical care for homeless humans and animals.

This charity also provides twice-weekly restaurant-style meals in addition to medical and veterinary care services. These people and their dogs, who have been treated as signifi cant beings for years, find all of these acts of love to be very strange.

The Collide Group, based in New York's Lower East Side, decided to provide assistance since these homeless individuals strive to ensure the well-being of their committed life partners.

This illustrates how the love shared by homeless people and their pets transcends and goes beyond any potential ills. The animals end up being a great refuge because they don't complain and frequently behave more honorably than humans.

This is a very marginalized population, with lives that are harder than you or I can imagine, especially when it comes to the health and safety issues that homeless people face.

The welfare of your traveling companion animals is always the top priority, though.

The primary objective of the Coalition is to provide resources to homeless people and animals without access to shelters. In addition to providing medical services such as vaccinations, neutering, and immunizations, this organization also aids in obtaining licenses for pets, which traditionally establish the "ownership" of the animal.


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