Mother Dog Got Poisoned, But Spend Last Energy Lifting Her Head Beg To Save Her Puppies

 "When we discovered Luna, my heart was broken..."

She was a mother of six newborn puppies when she was poisoned. People poisoned her by putting poisoned food under a car where she gave birth, trapping the poor girl, and she ate the poisoned food.

A young boy discovered Luna in a desperate situation; he waited until the old man [who had left the food] had left and then called the Prishtina Dog Shelter.

They get there as quickly as possible, Luna breathing heavily but still raising her head to beg for her babies' lives. The volunteer's vet gave an emergency shot to save her life.

They took her to the Prishtina Dog Shelter, where she reunited with her puppies...

She was very weak and needed rest, but she was fine...the next day, Luna was finally ready to receive her first shots, which are necessary for her and her babies' health; she was a little nervous, but she behaved very well, such a good dog.

The next morning, the vet checked her and everything was ready. Luna is fine. Because her babies are still too young to be adopted, Luna was overjoyed when she saw them.

She was very friendly; she wasn't a stray dog who had been abandoned.

...Some good views instead...

Nikita and Luna (orphans dumped and rescued the day before Luna) follow Luna, who allows them to breastfeed even though they are not hers; isn't she a wonderful mother?

Luna and her babies were adopted to their forever home after only 10 days in the center. Luna deserves a loving family in Los Angeles.


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