Poor Mother Dog Unable To Stand Lying There Desperate Crying For Help Her Puppies!

A good citizen spotted this poor dog family in a garbage pile. The mama dog was in terrible shape. She couldn't even stand up, but she fed her babies.

The good citizen drove them to a safer location and enlisted the assistance of a local rescuer. While they waited for rescuers, she provided them with food and water. It's heartbreaking because the poor mama was on her deathbed.

They were taken to a shelter for animals.

 They are a stray dog family, and the mama was severely injured as a result of skin disease. Her puppies are all healthy and have no serious health problems.

The mama made a full recovery and is now reunited with her babies in their safe haven. They are in good health and are living their best lives together. It was heartbreaking at first, but quickly turned heartwarming.

We are grateful for the help and for giving this family a second chance. They would not have survived without your kindness and love.


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