Paralyzed Little Puppy Dragging Her Body In Streets Begging For Help And People Just Filming Her Without Help

This little soul was found dragging in a pagoda. She was in very bad condition. She was starving, dehydrated, and anemic. There is evidence that she was bitten by a large dog, but no one wanted to help.

He suffered from the dog-bite wounds alone. He didn't have proper food or water. He'd endured the agony and was now unable to walk. Rescuers responded to a distress call and were able to help her.

Imagine how she has survived her own? How much she has suffered? She was transported to the Talingchan Veterinary Hospital. She'd suffered horrific dog bite wounds. Her spine and back legs were broken.

She might be not able to walk again forever. The vets did everything they could to help her. She will continue her rehabilitation in her loving shelter, and she will visit the doctor every two weeks.

We pray for this sweet soul to run again normally. We're grateful to everyone who helped save this little angel. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and send her your love.

Don't leave without sharing her moving story. Hopefully, it reaches someone interested in adopting this pure soul.


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