Senior Canine Dumped At Hazardous Treatment Plant Falls Into Sewer & Smells Rotten

After being abandoned at a hazardous water treatment plant, Mufasa, an elderly dog, became a "nobody." The isolated area was littered with chemical tanks and treatment facilities, and it was clear that a dog like Mufasa would not survive in such a filthy environment.

When a "Hope For Paws" rescue team arrived, they discovered Mufasa's condition had significantly worsened. He'd fallen into a sewer and was therefore rotten and diseased. He was also dehydrated and sickly, and his overgrown hair was strewn with dirt and fleas, while infections and parasites ate away at his skin.

Mufasa flinched instinctively when one of the rescuers tried to pet him. Because the team saw that the poor dog had lost all faith in humans, they offered him food from a safe distance and tried patiently to win his heart. The terrified dog eventually emerged from his shell and warmed up to the rescuers!

In the rescue van, we see Mufasa finally embrace his rescuers, which is a touching moment. His eyes well up as he regains hope for a better life! Mufasa later received the medical attention he required for his various health issues at the shelter. After being monitored for a few days, Mufasa was placed in a foster home with many other doggie siblings.

According to the shelter, Mufasa has been adopted into a new forever home and is doing well. He is no longer a fearful and skittish dog, but rather a loving dog with the warmest smiles. Mufasa, congratulations!


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